company culture

It’s all about the people

Guliver Group is a winning team of gifted people, each a professional in his own area of expertise, each contributes in his own unique style.

We believe in team work and strong partnerships. We believe that when you combine the best that everybody can give, you get the best results.

That’s why we embraced the “brainstorm methodology” as part of our management process and company culture, allowing each member to contribute his skills – a winning combination of marketing, product and development teams – all devoted to the same goal of creating a unique experience for our users and customers.

All our products and solutions are a direct result of our open-minded company culture. Our open door non formal policy is the path to success.

Our directors are a diversified group, all arriving from different professional settings. We invest efforts and resources in merging their skills for the benefit of each of our companies & ventures.

Our company culture is our way of life.