Gulliver Tourism Ltd.

Ziv Rozen, Gulliver CEO.
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Gulliver is Israel’s leading OTA, with a significant market share and brand recognition. The Company is privately held and was established in 2001.

The Company continuously invests heavily in its core technology in order to gain and sustain its competitive edge.

Gulliver’s website provides its users with an intuitive unique UX, competitive pricing and full online booking capabilities – turning it into a market leader.

Gulliver’s leading technology is well acknowledged by its peers and was presented with the “WEBI” award 5 times in the last years, including 2014. In addition, in 2013, Gulliver won the MIL award for “Customer Service Groundbreaking Approach”.

Gulliver’s brand is well recognized by the Israeli public and continually gains additional significant market share.
Gulliver’s management team and dedicated employees enable Gulliver to provide an outstanding customer service to its extensive client base.
Gulliver is profitable, financially sound and enjoys favorable commercial terms, thus providing its users with the best fares possible.

Romania 360

A subsidiary company of the Gulliver Group, Romania360 functions both as a DMC (Destination Management Company) and a retail agency. Romania 360 specializes in Inbound Tourism to Romania, with a focus on Online-Travel and Travel-technology tools.

Romania360 handles all fields of Tourism to Romania – City Breaks to Bucharest, Adventure Travel in the Carpathian Mountains (Jeep tours, Bicycle Tours, Ski, Snow biking), Family Travel, Beach resorts, Casino Vacations, Organized Tours, etc.

Established in 2013, privately held

A fast-growing company (100% growth in number of travelers – 2013/2014/2015)

Young and dynamic staff of 10 employees – based in Bucharest and Tel Aviv

Travelist Ltd.

Tamar Gerzon, Travelist CEO.
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Travelist is Israel’s leading travel meta-search website. It enables users to compare costs on a broad range of travel products from a variety of travel websites. It supplies the user with an unprejudiced comparison of travel products and doesn’t carry any inventory of its own.

Established in 2005, Travelist’s technology platform is one of a kind in the Israeli market. Its web site attracts millions of users every year with a continuous double digit increase since inception.

Travelist’s goal is to provide its users with a simple, reliable and transparent way to compare travel products’ prices from a wide range of websites in a single query and saves the user time and money.

Hulyo Ltd.

Giora Mandel, Hulyo CEO.
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Hulyo developed a revolutionary travel mobile app enabling the user to instantly book last second flights and developed a state of the art front end (both Android and iOS). Hulyo’s mobile app quickly became viral in Israel , with over 700,000 downloads to date in the local market.

Hulyo’s cloud based technology infrastructure is scalable, enabling the Company to introduce its concepts to new markets and territories and expects to expand its product offering in order to cover the entire travel cycle.

Once Hulyo positioned itself as the leading travel app in Israel, the Company is now expecting to extend into new territories by looking for local partners to unite its efforts in the exposure of the Hulyo mobile concept to the global markets.

Hoogel Ltd.

Ariel Mendelovich, Hoogel CEO.
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Hoogel is Israel’s leading online index for recreational activities and courses. The Company operates two recognized online brands: and and offers a wide range of search options to optimize search results (proximity, age, keywords, etc.). Hoogel’s significant R&D efforts resulted in a unique UX, providing its users with an easy to use search engine and highly relevant search results.

As an advertising platform, the Company offers advertisers considerable value. Hoogel presents thousands of its advertisers with highly cost effective solution that specifically cater to the needs of small and mid-size service providers, hence its successful value proposition is validated by the high rate of repeat advertisers on the platform.

Buy2Fly Ltd.

Buy2fly is a joint venture between Gulliver and Netex and was set up in order to present the “coupons” concept to the Israeli travel market. Netex (via its Buy2 subsidiary) introduced the coupons marketing concept to the Israeli market and Gulliver joined Buy2 in its endeavors in the travel segment.

Buy2fly enjoys the technology, marketing knowhow and the large customer base of Buy2. It also benefits from Gulliver’s networking in the travel industry and Gulliver’s excellent customer service and travel technology platform.

This combined effort positioned Buy2fly at the forefront of the coupon marketing method in the travel industry. As a consequence, within a short period of time the Company gained popularity and enjoyed significant growth.